The FlowTape story

The initial seeds for FlowTape were planted in 2015, when Toby Giacometti found himself distracted by the commotion of an open office. While looking for something to combat the distractions, he discovered the power of sound. Not only was there something called brown noise, that could mask background sounds in a soothing way, there was also a process called neural entrainment which could actively improve focus. He quickly discovered that neural entrainment could be used for much more and started using it successfully in many areas of his life.

In 2016, Toby quit his job to embark on a journey of self-discovery. He realized, that he would only experience freedom in life by letting go of fear. During this challenging time, he was able to use the power of sound to enhance productivity, relaxation and sleep. In 2017, Toby decided to help people experience more freedom in life by sharing the insights he gained over the years.

On a sunny Friday afternoon in March 2017, he had a simple idea: why not share what he has discovered about sound by creating high-quality audio tracks which would enhance productivity, relaxation and sleep? Sound was a very supportive tool on his journey and he was convinced that it would be for others as well.